Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hello! :)
Last week I watched a few S&G review vids on YouTube & and PipsyPopsy26's blog post on their items, so I thought Id jump on the bandwagon as well !
So on Tuesday after college, I had 15 mins to spare while waiting for the bus, so I went into Boots & headed straight for the Soap & Glory shelf! I didnt have a long time to spend looking at each product so I was glad to find a little gift set hiding on the bottom shelf! I didnt really check what was in it, I just grabbed it, paid & raced for the bus!
The gift set cost £12 & in it I got a pot of Flake Away body scrub, body butter, moisturising mist, shower gel & a hair mask. The sizes are a little bigger than the usual travel size bottles. Im glad I found this set because I didnt really want the big tubs because it would take me forever to use them up & I wouldnt want to betray my one love 'Lush' :) so these little diddy bottles were just right! The shower gel & the hair mask I dont need so wont be using, therefore I will be adding those to my contest prizes!
I like the moisturising mist because its a thin mixture & not at all oily! The body scrub looks ok but Im not really a fan of the scent! & I am pleasantly suprised with the body butter, I expected it to have the texture of the body shops b/butter which I find a little greasy, but the S&G is more like a lotion, v.nice! The packaging is nice & pretty & the pots/bottles are cute but right now, thats the only thing Im really liking about it, I dont dislike the products but I was a little disappointed with the scent! I think its peachy or something (which I dont like!) & they all smell exactly the same! Its early days I suppose & I have only just started to use these products so I'll give them a go & a review will come soon! :)
I am eager to try the wipes & there is also a gift set with 3 body sprays in, which I have not smelt yet but I think Im gonna get them anyway! =D so I'll add those in with the review too!
Ok, thats it for now..I have college work I should be doing!
Thanks for reading!

RacheL <333