Saturday, 30 January 2010

500 Subscribers Contest!

Yes I know that 500 is quite a modest amount but I am very happy with that! :)
So to thank all my subscribers, Ive been saying forever & ever that when I reach 500, I would do a contest! ..I have 510 at this moment in time so I thought Id better get the video up!..
Its Lush Inspired ...Surprise Surprise!
See Video Below ~>

you can enter by commenting 'enter me' on this post!


Friday, 29 January 2010

New Lush Products!

Yipee! ...Ive been waiting & waiting for these products to come out & finally last Saturday I took a quick peek on the Lush site to find they were out! yay!
The valentines products were not put on the site till Monday so I missed them! :( ....but Im going to get them on Tuesday! =D
So anyway, here's what I got -
  • Happy Blooming Bath Melt - £3.60
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub - £4.50
  • Mint Julips Lip Scrub - £4.50
  • Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - £4.50
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Box which contains - mini sugar scrub, mini each peach massage bar, Vitamin C Toner Tab & Skin Drink, Lemony Flutter, Pied De Pepper, Handy Gurugu ...(all sample size) 45g pot of Brazened Honey Face Mask & 25g pot of Big Shampoo - £12.50
  • Sample of 13 unlucky for dirt soap
  • Sample of Ring of Roses shower cream

Slight disaster though with a couple of the products! .... The lid on the Big shampoo had not been screwed on properly so it had leaked on to the other items, also the Skin Drink sample had also leaked onto the Toner Tab and was all mushy in the bottom of the box! :( ..(thats why its not in the pic!) I emailed Lush & they are replacing the damaged items & some complementary products, so I'll see what they are when they arrive!
Apart from that, all was great.. the Happy Blooming Bath Melt is by far my fav, it smells GORGEOUS!! ♥♥♥ Ive been longing for a cherry scented Lush item for so long now & this was definitely worth the wait!!

Ok, that its for tonight


Saturday, 23 January 2010

No7 Sale Items

I love No7 products, I have almost all of their nail varnishes, I just bought some more of their face wipes & I lve the beauty serum.. which I have run out of now! :(
I am in Boots at least twice a week & never usually leave without buying anything! A lot of the time they have an offer where if you spend over £5 they give you a skincare voucher.. this normally gives you £5 of No7 & Ruby & Millie.....My local Boots dont have Ruby & Millie products so I use the voucher on No7!
The first set below I bought with a gift card given to me for Christmas by my brother (Thanks James!x) So I got that, a Lee Stafford hair spray & brolly set & the Celia Birtwell make-up case & Brushes..... all for £16.00! BARGAIN!! =D
The 2 palettes/quads I bought another day, I spent £5 twice (separate transactions) so I could get 2 £5 off vouchers! (crafty eh? haha) ...the cashier gave me a funny look for doing this but so what!! =D instead of paying £14 for them both, I only paid £4 ..woot!!

was £15 reduced to £7.50!!

Contains ~>
a headband
a cleanser
a toner
an eye make-up remover
a day cream
a night cream
& a spongy 'clarisonic' shaped thingy!?

was £14 each reduced to £7 - then with my £5 off vouchers ..they were only £2 each!!

These 2 palettes/quads are for contest prizes so I havent swatched any colours!


Monday, 18 January 2010

Celia Birtwell Make-up Brushes

I bought this cosmetics case from Boots a couple of weeks ago in the sales. The original price was £12 but as everything was Half price was £6!
The designer of the case is called Celia Birtwell, I have never heard of her before but have seen a selection of her products in Boots in the past.
I have a small Mac make-up bag which I keep lip/eye pencils, lip glosses, mascara's etc in but need a bigger one for larger items! I was carrying them in the side pocket of my bag & they were rattling around so I decided they needed a home!
Anyway, I discovered that it came with 4 make-up brushes..
  • a face brush (blush/powder)
  • a smaller face brush (similar to macs 189)
  • an eye shadow brush
  • & a lip brush

When I discovered Mac about a year ago, I threw out all my old make-up brushes and started collecting Mac ones. I could resist the price however I could not resist the quality & how soft they were!. I bought about 8 to start with (the basics) then have been building on my collection since.
I was a little sceptical to start with about how good these Celia Birtwell brushes would be considering that at full price the whole case only cost £12, so I didnt expect anything great.
However, I was pleasantly surprised! The bristles are quite compact, firm but soft & have not yet started to shed. They are really soft & the lighter part of the handle has a nice texture (good grip)
The lip brush has come in quite handy as I have misplaced my 316! =/ - The brush that is similar to the 189 I havent used much as I have a 189 & a 190 & lve them both, so this one isnt really needed! The eye shadow brush is great, really soft & Ive used the larger face brush almost every day for my MSF!
So over all, I am quite pleased with these! I am not pushing my Mac ones to the side though! These are what I carry around in my bag with me, for when I need to touch up at work or at college etc that I dont loose any more of my Mac ones!
So Thanks to Celia Birtwell (whoever you are!) for my cheap but good quality brushes!! :)


Just had a Lush bath! :)

Today has been a pretty busy day, nothing exciting unfortunately!
I went supermarket shopping this morning ....lots of friut & veg ....& a bit of choccy! ;D then this afternoon I have been tidying up the garden after all the snow, frost & Ice made a complete mess of everything! =/
So by the time I got in, I could not wait to run the bath & jump in! (not literally! haha)
I used ~>
  • Jingle Spells Bath Ballistic
  • Yummy Yummy Yummy
  • Dreamwash
  • Ocean Salt
  • Lemslip
  • Strawberry Feels Forever
( & I washed my hair with Daddy-O shampoo & American Cream conditioner) - forgot to take a picture!

Probably no need to use all of these products as 3 of them do almost the same thing, but I like to use a mixture of products!
I finished off with Strawberry Feels Forever... & Now I smell soo good! (even if I do say so myself! =D)

Happy Monday!


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Healthy Eating! :)

So, Im not on a 'diet' but Im definitely trying to eat a lot healthier, & it wouldnt hurt me to loose a stone or 2 either! On the 31st Dec I uploaded a video on Youtube which was a contest entry to Shay Carls 'ShayLoss' contest that he is doing. So I hope that entering that will spur me on & help me on the road to a healthier life style.
Im not into doing those faddy diets that include eating nothing but eggs & grapefruit or cabbage soup or eating raw veg for breakfast, Personally..I think they are pointless! who's gonna eat raw veg for breakfast for the rest of their lives? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day & it should be filling enough to set you on your day, a dish of broccoli or cauli isnt gonna do that! ..ur just gonna get a headache through lack of energy & then want to stuff ur face with chocolate for the sugar fix!
I want to make subtle changes to my diet so that its possible for me to keep it up long term & not just a short fix! I find it hard to eat meals at the usual times due to working night shifts & being at college, Tuesdays - Fridays I tend to just grab something when I get a chance which isnt always healthy! so I have been trying to prepare things so they are ready for when im hungry, and so far it seems to be working!
I have lost 7lbs in 2 weeks which Im really happy with because I havent been totally strict with what Im having & also I have been invited to eat out a twice over the past 2 weeks so even with that I still lost weight, so I think if I keep this up its gonna be really good for me!
The pictures below are of some of what I ate this week..

Happy Eating! :)


Lush Haul!! WOOT!!

OMG!! I was Soo excited to be going to Lush last Monday! I had not bought anything from there since October 18th!(because of P20P!) ..thats a record for me!
I made it worse by watching everyone's Lush hauls on Youtube & looking on the Lush site!..
Anyway...I finally went - They were doing a FaNtAsTiC offer - For every £20 you spent, you got a FREE goody bag worth £30!! YAY!!.... so thats why I spent £63! lol ...3 goody bags for me yay! =D
So here is what I bought ~>
  • Wiccy Magic Muscles - £5.40?
  • Fever - £5.40?
  • * & Free Tin when you buy 2 massage bars
  • Rockstar Soap 140g - £4.07 (i think?)
  • 2 x Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - £2.35
  • Snowcake Shower Gel 500g - £11.50
  • Karma Dusting Powder 100g - £6.10
  • Smitten Hand Cream 100g - £6.10
  • American Cream conditioner 100g - £3.80?
  • Daddy-O Shampoo 100g - £4.30
  • Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g - £3.90?
  • Curly Wurly Shampoo 220g - £8.60

& as I spent over £60, I got 3 goody bags free ..woohoo!
These goody bags were worth approx £30 each
Here's what I got in them ~>
  • 3 x 500g Snow Fairy Shower Gels
  • 3 x Candy Cane Bubble Bars
  • 3 x So White Bath Ballistics
  • 2 x Mr ButterBall Ballisitcs
  • 1 x Chunk of Snowcake Soap approx 160g
  • 3 x Snow Fairy Gift Boxes - each box includes.. 1 x 30g glitter bug massage bar, 1 x 100g bottle of snowfairy shower gel & 1 x 70g star shaped angels delight soap!

So yeah, I am extremely happy with everything that I got! Even though I have just started P20P again, I will be going back to Lush in February for the Valentines products... I cant wait for the Turkish Delight shower smoothie!!

Ok, thats it for now - Have a great weekend Everyone!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Project 20 Pan COMPLETED!!

YAY!! My project 20 pan is overr!! =D
Geeez, it felt like it lasted forever! I think its only been about 2 - 3 months but I almost killed me not buying anything! It did however save me quite a bit of money which Im glad to say went to good use.. . my families christmas presents & of course a present or 2 for me! ;)
I actually used a few more than 20, I lost 4 empty containers! (god knows where they went?!) so I didnt count those, and then I didnt have time to make a video when I reached 20 products so I carried on, I got to 22 I think!
Here's what I used up..

First picture -
  • deodorant x 2
  • facewipes x 2
  • Cool Water body lotion
  • Benefit Lemonade Primer
  • Mac Lipglass in Cresent
  • No7 extreme length mascara
  • Naturals bath salts
  • Lush's cosmetic Lad moisturiser..... (10)
Second picture -
  • Deodorant x 2
  • B.Spears Fantasy perfume
  • Perfume in Spirit from Next
  • Addiction body spray
  • Batiste Dive dry shampoo
  • C.2000 lipstick..... (7)
Third picture -
  • Sanex deodorant x 2
  • Impulse body spray
  • Boots body spray
  • Pantene shampoo..... (5) ....= 22!
& I just remembered.... My Marc Jacobs Daisy Luminous body lotion is not in the picture (dont know why?) It is included in the Youtube video I did though so Im not telling fibs! the total is 23! =D
I had a huugge splurge at Lush today along with a few others from last week, Next week maybe Im starting P 20 Pan again.....Yes I am mad! haha..but no, it was good to use up stuff that I had gotten fed up with, it made me like them again!
So thats it for now! Good luck to anyone else that is doing this! xx


Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Body Shop Sales!!


Just a quick post on a few items that I bought from The Body Shop the other day. Im not a huge fan of The body Shop, its kinda old news for me as I used to shop there alot a few years ago then the novelty wore off!. I do like their products however nothing has stood out enough for me to keep shopping there, but seen as though the sales were on & I was walking past the shop I decided to pop in to see what was going for a bargain!
So I only got a few things,
  • A Nail Buffer that was originally £3 was reduced to £1!!
  • A Terracotta foot stone was also £3 reduced to £1
  • A GORGEOUS smelling Almond shower gel, smells yummy enough to drink!! was £6 reduced to £3! :)
  • and finally a lovely smelling Spa Wisdom Dreams Candle was £11.70 reduced to £5 - oh & I got a little sample sachet of Vitamin E moisture serum!
I usually use metal & electrical nail files etc but I thought the buffer would be good to carry around in my bag for quick fixes & for £1 ..I couldnt go wrong!
The foot stone I thought was a little quirky, I dont use pumice stones or anything like that usually but I just thought Id give it a go!
I have enough Lush products to last a life time so I really didnt need another shower gel to add to the obsessive collection but after I smelt it I couldnt not put it in my basket! It smells amazing!!!
..And last of all the candle, its not a strong scent at all, I cant really work out what the scent is but its clean & fresh, a little like fresh laundry..its nice & Im sure the scent will be more noticeable when its burning!!

Ok thats it for today, I have a few posts coming up over the next few days of things I bought on my little shopping spree. It was a relief to have completed my Project 20 Pan (thats the next post) so I could go shopping and have a good splurge! Havent been to Lush yet but dont worry, I will!! =D

Ok, Have a great weekend everyone!