Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Camtica 4.3.2267

Happy New Year Folks..

Today i am promoting some screen recording software called Camatica 4.3.2267

This product enables you to create professional screen recordings, presentations, tutorials and a whole lot more. You can record any desktop activity with voice, webcam and animated mouse clicks. The resulting videos can be saved in various formats including AVI and WMV

Click on the link below to read more about the Camatica 4.3.2267

Thanks for reading & watch out for upcoming posts..


Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm going to FIJI!!!!!

....I am SOO excited!!

Back in December while I was at uni, a lovely lady called Jesse hijacked our lecture for 5 minutes. She handed out some flyers and and gave a really quick description of some volunteering work that was to be happening over summer. I was the first student to take a leaflet from her,trying not to snatch, I took it & must have read it word for word about 10 times ..I was almost wetting myself with excitement.
Anyway, the next day I managed to sneak out of a lecture 20 minutes early so that I could make the 'talk' she was giving at 1pm - I was there in a flash & sat right at the front of the class and after half an hour I had made the decision that no matter what was involved -I WAS GOING!!

I filled out my application in Olympic medal time & handed it straight back - she said it may take a few days to get to their office in London and then possibly a week before I may hear some news back (this was dec 7th btw!) when I was in the library just 2 days later, I almost gave some poor guy a coronary when I let out quite a loud squeal! ...why? ..this is what I had just read...

'Dear Rachel,
After reviewing your application we feel that you would make a valuable contribution to the VESA program and are looking forward to having you on board this summer as we travel to Ecuador, Africa and the Fijian Islands.....

...I could not believe my eyes! I was nearly in tears! - It wasn't finalised by just the e-mail though, I then had to print off the agreement/contract thingy, sign it, pay the £200 deposit and then e-mail copies of these back ..PRONTO! They told me there was between 30 - 40 places available and my place now depended on who's payments they recieved first! I logged into paypal in the blink of an eye and clicked 'pay now' faster than lightening.. I have never handed over money so quickly in all my life! I almost had a nervous breakdown! lol

So understandably, It was an agonising wait.. I checked my e-mails multiple times a day to see if they had e-mailed me back but each time there was nothing! :( - I little part of me started to feel a bit miffed as I thought the other applicants had had the same frantic reactions to the e-mails as me, replied faster and had beaten me to it. However, the e-mail finally came..

'Dear Rachel,

We have received your £200.00 deposit and have secured your place on our;
Fiji Islands Discovered No. 6:
July 23rd through to August 7th 2011...'

Now I really was beside myself!! I had applied for all 3 destinatons Fiji, Africa & Equador as I didn't mind which one I was chosen for. During the 2 weeks between the e-mails though I had secretly hoped for Fiji having read lots of info on each place, so was absolutely over the moon when I had got it..and on the specific date I had chosen too!

The hard work starts here though, I have to raise £1,249 for the trip & then flights & insurance etc is on top of that, so in all this trip is going to cost around £2,000. The majority of this will come out of my own pocket ...OUCH! ..and the rest will come from sponsorship & donations (hopefully!)

So, I have now recieved all my fund raising information etc, I am ready to get started. I am waiting untill January is almost over before requesting sponsorship from family, friends etc as I understand that the festive season has cost people quite a bit and the need a few weeks to recover! lol

I will be posting more about this and my fundraising in weeks/months to come but for now, this is it! ..Thanks for reading!


This trip is organisised by VESA - Volunteer Eco Students Abroad

Two Thousand & Eleven...

... has been really kind to me so far! :)

Long time no blog! ...pretty much for the same reasons as when I last posted! internet of my own, busy with uni, busy with work blah blah blah and all that!

I do hope to start posting more in the weeks to come. Right now I think I can only commit to once a week, like now I am at work & I get plenty of free time at such times like 2:30 in the morning! *yawns!* =/

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a smashing christmas & a fabulous new year! My christmas was ok, however it could have been better..

My dad was taken in to hospital on Dec 22nd & didn't come out untill Jan 1st so apart from visting family at my mums house on boxing day, I cancelled all my other christmassy 'do's' I had planned so that i could visit my dad in hospital every day. He's out now & he's fine & things are back to normal, so onto more positive things...

  • on Dec 31st I got the e-mail I had been waiting for.. confirmation of my volunteering trip to Fiji - I will do a separate post on this as I could talk for days about it!! ..SO excited =D


  • I joined my local Slimming World group in October last year (20th to be precise) and as of my last weigh in on Wednesday 5th January, I have lost a whopping 2 stone & half a pound!! I am over the moon at how focussed I am.. it has given me Ooodles of confidence! - I shall be doing another separate post on this too! so stay tuned for weight loss tips!

thats it for now, seen as though I am at work.. its about time I did a little!

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Long Time No Blog!!

Just a quick post to explain the lack of blogs, youtube video's etc..

1, The main reason is that my computer broke almost 2 months ago and have not been able to replace it yet! Hopefully I will recieve my new one next week!! *fingers and toes crossed*

2, I completed my Access To Higher Education course at college back in July and was in desperate need of a break from the internet for a little while just give myself a chance to relax over the summer. It had got to the point where I was logging on almost every day.. which can't be good right?! It was starting to get in the way of of things.. but when my computer broke... I had no choice!!

3, I started University on 20th September and things have been super hectic since!! I am studying for a degree in Psychology with Criminology and my timetable is pretty full! I haven't yet given up work, for two reasons really...1, I haven't re-applied for my student finance as of yet (long story + lots of hassle = ugh!!) and 2, I have never been unemployed! I have worked since the age of 13 and the thought of not having a regular (decent) wage scares the hell out of me!! I'm too used to my home comforts and not yet ready nor willing to give that up!

So, as soon as I get my new computer up and running and the internet sorted (and done my uni work of course!!) I should be back to normal(ish!) :)

See you all then!



P.S - please excuse my current blog layout/look etc - I am currently in the process of re-doing it all. :)

Monday, 3 May 2010


Urban Decay 10ml in Trip
RRP £12.00
..purchased from beautycounter/fragrancedirect for a FaNtAsTiC
£1.50!!! BaRgAiN!! =D
  • Absolutely lve it, It has to be one of (if not) the best pink nail colours I have... & I have quite a few!!
  • I wore it for nearly two weeks with barely a chip in sight when I came to clean it off. I applied 2 layers as I do with all colours, although the colour was just as clear with 1.
- sorry I only have the thumb pic, I deleted the other by accident! :(
..but Im sure you can see it ok! :) x


BarryM Nail Paint 10ml in Blue Glitter (297)
..purchased from Superdrug for £2.89 (I think?)
  • I like this colour a lot! ..however I needed to apply a whopping 4 layers!! to get the exact colour as it appeared in the bottle. A down point to that many layers was that it chipped if I even looked at it, never mind touched anything! :(
  • I still really like it though as I am a big fan of Blue nail polishes.


My recent nail varnish purchases include 2 by NARS - 1 in Chinatown, a deep blood red & 1 in Adelita, a gold/nude. I also bought a Rimmel polish in Grey matter from Boots - Lving he new thicker brush!! Review for these will probably be up next week!

That's it for tonight,



Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lush from the US!

I ordered these few items about a month ago from Toni's blog sale and last week I was so happy to find them on my door step! =D
I only ordered a couple of things as I just wanted to try some things that I couldn't get in the UK.

Now, I know we can (could!) get the Snow Fairy solid perfume when it was available at Christmas, however at approx £5 - I didnt want it enough to try it at that price, but as Toni was selling it on her blog sale for only $4 (approx £2.60) it was a bargain not to be missed!
It is very sweetly scented, obviously like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and a slight scent similar to the Godmother soap, not as sweet but has the same fruitiness. I was wearing it at work the other day & someone asked me if I was eating Wham a bar! lol

The Ghost Shower Gel I assume was released for Halloween in the US, I don't recall seeing or hearing about this as a UK product?
It is the most gorgeous scented shower gel I have smelt in a long time (apart from the Snow Cake one! ;D) It has a gorgeous scent of Lilies & another scent which I can't quite think what it could be but it reminds me a gorgeous expensive perfume.
I have only used it twice because it was only 2 thirds full, and as I lve it so much, I want to make it last!

The last product is the Play Your Cards Right massage bar, this has to be my favourite of the 3 simply due to the novelty of it. I have always loved the look of it but for some reason never got round to purchasing it! When I finally remembered, Lush had discontinued it! :(
So I was SUPER excited when I saw this on Toni's blog, I just had to have it.
Due to being an 'old' product, the majority if it's original scent has disappeared, however it seems to have taken on an artificially scent/smell similar to that of which the retro soap - 17 Cherry Tree Lane has, it doesn't have the same scent at all but there is just something about it which I really quite like. I have used it 3 times now, smothering it all over my body after I have bathed and then added Karma dusting powder over the top. This leaves me smelling GoRgEoUs, even if I do say so myself! :)

So a BIG Thank You to Toni for these products, I absolutely lve them!


Monday, 5 April 2010

Hi, My Name Is Rachel..

Hi, my name is: Rachel

Never in my life have I been: content.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my dad.

High school: ended many years ago.

When I’m nervous: I get restless.

The last song I listened to was: cant remember

If I were to get married right now my maid of honor would be: have no clue!.

My hair is: mousey brown.

When I was 5: We got burgled.

Last Christmas: wasn't the same.

I should be..: less frustrated.

When I look down I see: a zip.

The happiest recent event was: cant remember.

If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be: smelly cat - 'smelly cat smelly cat ..what are they feeding you'

By this time next year: I will be studying Forensic & Medical Science at University.

My current gripe is: People with no concience & blog posts with shabby pictures

I have a hard time understanding: life.

There’s this girl I know that: and Id like to be her for a day or 2.... or maybe a week or so.

I like you when: you are yourself.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: my mum or dad.

Take my advice: Trust few.

The thing I want to buy: every single nail varnish in Space NK.

If you visited the place I was born: you could only be near as its not there anymore.

If you spent the night at my house: you would never want to leave ;)

I’d stop my wedding: before it even started.

The world could do without: horrid people.

I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: look at Brendan Coles face.

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: Lush, Hotel Chocolat & a cotton reusable bag from Space NK.

My middle name is: Michelle.

In the morning I: finish work at 8am.

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Lions

Once, at a bar: I made a big mistake.

Last night I was: snuggling with my kitty.

There’s this guy I know who: no longer knows me! :(

If I was an animal I’d be: a cat.

No doubt.A better name for me would be: Anna.

Tomorrow I am: going to the Post Office & the Gym.

Tonight I am: supposed to be doing some work but instead I am blogging.

My birthday is: December 8th.

I found this on someones blog. You can use it too if you want.