Sunday, 27 December 2009

Secret Santa!

Hey Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! ... A month or so ago Sabrina posted a blog & tweeted about taking part in a Secret Santa. I was well up for that .... So basically that meant you buy a gift for around £10 then send it to another person that was also taking part. Sabrina picked who was sending to who & then emailed our details out so we could send our presents off.
Ellie was the person that I was sending my present to - here's her blog link ~> (if you're reading this Ellie... I hope you liked your stuff! xx)
So a week or two later I got a little brown envelope through the letterbox ........It was my secret santa present! YAY!!
I opened it straight away! ..naughty I know but I couldnt wait till Christmas! hehe
The presents I received were from Abbie ~>
& here is what I got!!...
  • BarryM nail paint in Vivid Purple (161)
  • The Body Shop strawberry lip balm
  • glitter eye shadow in Night Sky by 17
  • black glitter liquid eye liner by Collection 2000
  • Natural Collection Lipstick in Sorbet
  • Set of earrings by Freedom at Topshop
Abbie, Thank You so much.. I lved all of it! Thanks for the xmas card too, & for the little message - it was only the other day that I realised that you had written on the other side of the card too ...duhh! lol

Sabrina, thanks for the great idea, Hope to do this again next year cos it was fun! xx

RacheL xXx

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

BUSY BUSY & Crappy internet!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick ramble about owt & nowt! =D - I havent been on here in a while I know, I half forgot & half been too busy! =P
Also for the past week the horrible cold frost has somehow eaten into my phone line & has affected my internet connection! :( ....Its strong enough to google stuff & come on here but I cant watch or upload any Youtube videos! & its not gonna be fixed till next week!! grrr ..soo annoying!

Ive had a gazillion assignments that had to be handed in this week & I also have Biology & Psychology exams next week so I have taken the week off work to cram in lots of revision, but Im even more tired this week than I am when I work! ugh! =/

Im almost done with my christmas shopping, christmas cards written. Just got a bit more wrapping to do & get my sparkly flashing lights up on the window then Im all set! =D

My project 20 Pan is going good, Have a video to upload when my internet gets sorted & I did mean to make regular updates on here about it ....but ummm... I forgot! =P
Ive used up 9 products, just 11 more to go! yay!! - I dont know who's idea this 'Project 10 pan' malarky was but what on earth were they thinking?!! ..... its killing me!! lol

Oh..& it was my birthday yesterday! yay!! =D

anyway, I think thats it for now, Im gonna go watch Home & Away & The Family which I recorded earlier then its sleep time! again tomorrow!
Enjoy the rest of your week peeps!

Byeeee! <333