Wednesday, 9 December 2009

BUSY BUSY & Crappy internet!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick ramble about owt & nowt! =D - I havent been on here in a while I know, I half forgot & half been too busy! =P
Also for the past week the horrible cold frost has somehow eaten into my phone line & has affected my internet connection! :( ....Its strong enough to google stuff & come on here but I cant watch or upload any Youtube videos! & its not gonna be fixed till next week!! grrr ..soo annoying!

Ive had a gazillion assignments that had to be handed in this week & I also have Biology & Psychology exams next week so I have taken the week off work to cram in lots of revision, but Im even more tired this week than I am when I work! ugh! =/

Im almost done with my christmas shopping, christmas cards written. Just got a bit more wrapping to do & get my sparkly flashing lights up on the window then Im all set! =D

My project 20 Pan is going good, Have a video to upload when my internet gets sorted & I did mean to make regular updates on here about it ....but ummm... I forgot! =P
Ive used up 9 products, just 11 more to go! yay!! - I dont know who's idea this 'Project 10 pan' malarky was but what on earth were they thinking?!! ..... its killing me!! lol

Oh..& it was my birthday yesterday! yay!! =D

anyway, I think thats it for now, Im gonna go watch Home & Away & The Family which I recorded earlier then its sleep time! again tomorrow!
Enjoy the rest of your week peeps!

Byeeee! <333


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