Monday, 3 May 2010


Urban Decay 10ml in Trip
RRP £12.00
..purchased from beautycounter/fragrancedirect for a FaNtAsTiC
£1.50!!! BaRgAiN!! =D
  • Absolutely lve it, It has to be one of (if not) the best pink nail colours I have... & I have quite a few!!
  • I wore it for nearly two weeks with barely a chip in sight when I came to clean it off. I applied 2 layers as I do with all colours, although the colour was just as clear with 1.
- sorry I only have the thumb pic, I deleted the other by accident! :(
..but Im sure you can see it ok! :) x


BarryM Nail Paint 10ml in Blue Glitter (297)
..purchased from Superdrug for £2.89 (I think?)
  • I like this colour a lot! ..however I needed to apply a whopping 4 layers!! to get the exact colour as it appeared in the bottle. A down point to that many layers was that it chipped if I even looked at it, never mind touched anything! :(
  • I still really like it though as I am a big fan of Blue nail polishes.


My recent nail varnish purchases include 2 by NARS - 1 in Chinatown, a deep blood red & 1 in Adelita, a gold/nude. I also bought a Rimmel polish in Grey matter from Boots - Lving he new thicker brush!! Review for these will probably be up next week!

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