Sunday, 9 January 2011

Two Thousand & Eleven...

... has been really kind to me so far! :)

Long time no blog! ...pretty much for the same reasons as when I last posted! internet of my own, busy with uni, busy with work blah blah blah and all that!

I do hope to start posting more in the weeks to come. Right now I think I can only commit to once a week, like now I am at work & I get plenty of free time at such times like 2:30 in the morning! *yawns!* =/

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a smashing christmas & a fabulous new year! My christmas was ok, however it could have been better..

My dad was taken in to hospital on Dec 22nd & didn't come out untill Jan 1st so apart from visting family at my mums house on boxing day, I cancelled all my other christmassy 'do's' I had planned so that i could visit my dad in hospital every day. He's out now & he's fine & things are back to normal, so onto more positive things...

  • on Dec 31st I got the e-mail I had been waiting for.. confirmation of my volunteering trip to Fiji - I will do a separate post on this as I could talk for days about it!! ..SO excited =D


  • I joined my local Slimming World group in October last year (20th to be precise) and as of my last weigh in on Wednesday 5th January, I have lost a whopping 2 stone & half a pound!! I am over the moon at how focussed I am.. it has given me Ooodles of confidence! - I shall be doing another separate post on this too! so stay tuned for weight loss tips!

thats it for now, seen as though I am at work.. its about time I did a little!

Thanks for reading


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