Monday, 1 March 2010

February Favourites ~ Lips

Happy Monday Peoples! :)

So I didn't have time to film a February fav's Youtube video this week but I did however snap a few shots of some lip products whilst I was sorting out my make-up bag. So I thought Id see what products Id used the most last month & make a Feb lip favs blog instead, so here they are!

NYX lipstick in Indian Pink & The Body Shop's Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm.
I used these products a lot last month & probably will this month too! The NYX lipstick only cost $2.00/approx £1.34 from which is fantastic value!! It is really pigmented but doesn't throw a lot of colour on your lips all at once. If you add a couple of layers, it really stands out - great for nights out, but I just like a subtle colour most of the time, which this also gives when layered on top of a lipgloss/balm. So this is why I chose the Body Shop lip balm to partner it! I put the lip balm on first then the lipstick & hey presto... exactly the look I want!
Both these products get a 4/5 from me! :)


Natural Collection lipstick in Sorbet & Carmex lip balm.
I received the lipstick (& the s/berry balm above) in a swap so I am unaware of the prices. It isn't very pigmented & doesn't give much colour when applied, but I actually don't mind that, it just adds a shimmer of colour & thats good enough for me.
The Carmex was only a quid from Poundland! = BARGAIN! its nearly £3 in Boots!!
I noticed that the Carmex says 'for cold sores' on the lid so at first I thought 'ugh' but when I tried it, it gave a tingly sensation like a lip plumper would give, so I really like it now!
I try not to use it every day though as I am paranoid it will give me a cold sore! lol, I have been lucky enough not to have a cold sore for at least 10yrs so I dont want to start now!
The lipstick gets a 3/5 & the Carmex get 4/5.


Max Factor Hyperfull Lipstick in Vigorous.
This was also from Poundland yes, it only cost a quid! ..Lve bargains!! :)
On the packaging it said the RRP was £7.99, so if that's correct, I definitely got a good deal!
I wouldn't have paid full price for it as it is not the exact colour match I was after but as it was only £1, it was worth trying a different shade for a change!
Even though I only used it once (on a night out) lots of people complimented me on it & the shade has really grown on me now. I will probably only use it for evenings/nights out as it is a bold colour (for me anyway!) but I give it a 3/5.


Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub.
This cost £4.50, which in my opinion is way over priced for 25g of sugar & a few drops of essential oils!
It does however smell really really yummy & does make my lips really soft!
I find that my lipsticks tend to last a little longer when I have used the scrub. I thought it would be to messy to use away from the bathroom etc but I have taken it to work & college with me & had no problems just brushing the excess sugar away as you would a few crumbs!
The one thing that does disappoint me about it though is the taste... I thought it would taste something like candy floss... pink sugary & sweet...... NO! it tasted like I'd got a mouth full of shampoo or something! Not pleasant! =/
The lip scrub just gets a 2/5.


So that is it for this week, Hope you enjoyed! :)



PrincessJodie said...

i love lip products :) i have a bunch so this has inspired me to do a top five on my blogspot :)

i dont have any natural collections lipsticks but i promised myself i will have a little looksie next time im in Boots :)

i must agree with you that the lip scrub tastes not so good i was thinking of getting another flavoured one maybe the mint julips see if that one tastes nicer

PrincessJodie said...

oooo and i forgot to mention :) i have awarded you a sunshine award on my blog :) yay congrats! x x

Rachel88x said...

Oh Thank You!! Im going to go have a look now! =D