Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Long Time No Blog!!

Just a quick post to explain the lack of blogs, youtube video's etc..

1, The main reason is that my computer broke almost 2 months ago and have not been able to replace it yet! Hopefully I will recieve my new one next week!! *fingers and toes crossed*

2, I completed my Access To Higher Education course at college back in July and was in desperate need of a break from the internet for a little while just give myself a chance to relax over the summer. It had got to the point where I was logging on almost every day.. which can't be good right?! It was starting to get in the way of of things.. but when my computer broke... I had no choice!!

3, I started University on 20th September and things have been super hectic since!! I am studying for a degree in Psychology with Criminology and my timetable is pretty full! I haven't yet given up work, for two reasons really...1, I haven't re-applied for my student finance as of yet (long story + lots of hassle = ugh!!) and 2, I have never been unemployed! I have worked since the age of 13 and the thought of not having a regular (decent) wage scares the hell out of me!! I'm too used to my home comforts and not yet ready nor willing to give that up!

So, as soon as I get my new computer up and running and the internet sorted (and done my uni work of course!!) I should be back to normal(ish!) :)

See you all then!



P.S - please excuse my current blog layout/look etc - I am currently in the process of re-doing it all. :)

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Pink Pom Poms said...

Well I look forward to your posts!

I have been a bit the same recently, sometimes you need some time out! Going back to uni has been a bit of a shock to the system for me this year, as I had such a long summer holiday!

Anna x