Saturday, 19 September 2009

It got there... finally! =D

Yay! Michelle got my package finally!! =D

Ok, so back in June/July, after watching lots of swap videos on youtube..I decided I wanted to send someone something, but couldnt decide who...untill I saw some tweets from Michelle (makeupbynumbers) about her not recieving her Summer Swap parcel. So I messaged her & was very happy when she accepted my offer & gave me her details!
The package was in the post 2 days later!.. That was August 9th (I think?) so yeah... she only just got it September 18th.... there's a reason for that! - I had to post the package by surface mail, because the box weighed so much, it would have cost me £30 ($54) to have the package delivered within a week! ...I was like 'whaaattt?!' lol - I could have made another package up for that price! lol - so I had to choose surface mail! =/
I'd thought about the package a few times, wondering where abouts it was, if it was still in one piece, hoping that nonody had dropped it, then yesterday I saw Michelle had tweeted me saying she was going to pick the package up! I was like 'Yaaayy!' lol more excited than michelle! lol - but even more happy that it had finally got to her safely & nothing had broken! Phew!!
So when I logged on youtube this morning, I saw Michelle had made a video about it,which was nice of her.(there should be a video link nr the title!)

So Im really glad that she liked the stuff I sent her & I hope to do this again soon! - It will probably be after my 500 subs contest (if that ever comes haha)
So yeah, that was my good deed for the month..gonna be mean from now on! haha =P

Ok, Its 1am now - Goodnight!

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