Saturday, 19 September 2009

Todays Lush Shower

Saturdays are my Lush days! =D ~ I use Lush throughout the week to but have to hurry, on a weekend I can stay in the shower for as long as I want & get the best from my Lush goodies!
Here is what I used today~
*New Shampoo Bar.
*Jungle Solid Conditioner
*Yummy Yummy Yummy
*Ocean Salt
*Cosmic Lad

I use the New shampoo bar everytime I wash my hair, It makes it so soft & shiny & it lasts forever! Then if Im not using my leave-in conditioner, I will use Jungle - which I did today! it smells of plants & grass! lol but is really nourishing & you can smell the scent right up untill you wash your hair again!
I love Ocean Salt, its quite an abrasive cleanser, so I wouldnt recommend it for sensitive skin.. just in case! :) - I love how soft it leaves my face, & its good for bums too like Buffy (but use a different tub to the 1 you use for ur face! lol)
I always use 2 body washes, one to clean my skin & the other to moisturise & scent. So today I used Dreamwash to clean & then Yummy Yummy Yummy right before Im about to get out of the shower,that way ..because the heat has opened up your pores, your skin takes in all the goodness from the product & you get better results.
Then after Im out, I apply my moisturiser - Cosmic Lad ...yeah, I think it is meant for men, but because I dont have any particular skin type.. this one suits my skin best. All the others I have tried contain too much cocoa butter & stuff, its ends up being too greasy & breaks me out! I have found this to be ok for now, so Im gonna stick with it!
...& thats it for Lush products today!

Thanks for reading! ...have a great saturday night!


Rachel88x said...

can people comment now! this damn thing is doing my head in! grrr

iheartvintagex said...

I love lush products!! <33

xLovelyMakeupx said...

gotta love lush!