Monday, 16 November 2009

In's & Out's


  • Rain... grrr, I dont normally mind any kind of weather if im just out walking the dogs, but when I have to go to college or shopping when its pouring down... it does my head in! Your innocently stood at the bus stop when a huge lorry drives past & soaks you to the bone.... great! And even more annoying when its windy, it blows your brolly inside out! grrrr. :)

  • Iced tea ..yuk! I just cant get to grips with cold tea... or coffee for that matter, I feel these should be drank hot with a biscuit to dunk!, they only really go well in a hot country by a pool! ..not for rainy old England!
  • Lush's Squeaky Green shampoo bar, or just the shampoo bars in general! =/ - they take forever to use, I get so bored of them! I suppose for nearly £5.00 you want it to last to get you £££ worth but I just get bored of using the same thing.. thumbs down for these!

  • X Factor..sorry x factor fans but its just doing my head in this year, I think its the worst yet or maybe Im just not into it any more. Ive only seen a few episodes & that was just to see my future husband Simon Cowell! ;)

  • Myspace! ..I used to like it then I realised nothing much happens on there, if you're into adding ur own songs then great but it doesnt come close to Twitter & Youtube!

..& Im sure there is a lot more for me to moan about too but I'll stick to five for now! I might even make this a monthly thing as I change my mind that often! Well thats it for now, just want to get this done as I have no Youtube videos to upload this week. Ok, Byeee <333

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