Saturday, 14 November 2009

Project 20 Pan!

Yeah.. so the time has come where I have HAD to make myself jump on the bandwagon with the project 10 pan thing, and ..cos I have SOO much stuff, I decided to make it Project 20 Pan!
I have enough things to use up to make it '50 pan' but thats just silly! haha, It would take me forever to use up 50 products! Im going to film a video about this for Youtube, I did mean to do that this week but due to CRAZY amounts of college work, I never got round to it, but I will this week!
So I started with it last Monday (9th) & have been trying to use the same things every day so they run out first, but alot of my products are pretty new so it might take a little while! I'm hoping to get at least half way through the 'P 20 pan' by Christmas!
My Project 20 Pan Rules:
  • Lush purchases are NOT included of course! hahaha, no ..just kidding, I'll only be buying things like toners, hair treatments etc but only if I dont have replacements!
  • All my beauty/cosmetic items are included in the P '20' pan items - like make-up, deodorants, shampoos, Lush products etc
  • No more hauls from me untill the P 20 Pan is finished, then I can do a few hauls to stock up on things I need and then I will start the P 20 Pan again!! .... eek! =/
  • and the last rule is.... I can change these rules at any time! haha ;)
I have a few products that I think will be used by next week & they are one of my Sanex deodorants & my Lush T'eo deodorant bar, my Pantene shampoo, maybe some hairspray? & probably a few Lush Products!

Ok, so thats it for now, just wanted to get this down somewhere seen as though I didnt have time for a video this week. I'll probably do a weekly blog update on this & maybe a 2 weekly vlog for YouTube!

RacheL <333

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Juicygirl said...

I really need to do this too & like you it should be project pan 50!!! its crazy lol :)