Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lush from the US!

I ordered these few items about a month ago from Toni's blog sale and last week I was so happy to find them on my door step! =D
I only ordered a couple of things as I just wanted to try some things that I couldn't get in the UK.

Now, I know we can (could!) get the Snow Fairy solid perfume when it was available at Christmas, however at approx £5 - I didnt want it enough to try it at that price, but as Toni was selling it on her blog sale for only $4 (approx £2.60) it was a bargain not to be missed!
It is very sweetly scented, obviously like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and a slight scent similar to the Godmother soap, not as sweet but has the same fruitiness. I was wearing it at work the other day & someone asked me if I was eating Wham a bar! lol

The Ghost Shower Gel I assume was released for Halloween in the US, I don't recall seeing or hearing about this as a UK product?
It is the most gorgeous scented shower gel I have smelt in a long time (apart from the Snow Cake one! ;D) It has a gorgeous scent of Lilies & another scent which I can't quite think what it could be but it reminds me a gorgeous expensive perfume.
I have only used it twice because it was only 2 thirds full, and as I lve it so much, I want to make it last!

The last product is the Play Your Cards Right massage bar, this has to be my favourite of the 3 simply due to the novelty of it. I have always loved the look of it but for some reason never got round to purchasing it! When I finally remembered, Lush had discontinued it! :(
So I was SUPER excited when I saw this on Toni's blog, I just had to have it.
Due to being an 'old' product, the majority if it's original scent has disappeared, however it seems to have taken on an artificially scent/smell similar to that of which the retro soap - 17 Cherry Tree Lane has, it doesn't have the same scent at all but there is just something about it which I really quite like. I have used it 3 times now, smothering it all over my body after I have bathed and then added Karma dusting powder over the top. This leaves me smelling GoRgEoUs, even if I do say so myself! :)

So a BIG Thank You to Toni for these products, I absolutely lve them!


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