Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Body Shop Sales!!


Just a quick post on a few items that I bought from The Body Shop the other day. Im not a huge fan of The body Shop, its kinda old news for me as I used to shop there alot a few years ago then the novelty wore off!. I do like their products however nothing has stood out enough for me to keep shopping there, but seen as though the sales were on & I was walking past the shop I decided to pop in to see what was going for a bargain!
So I only got a few things,
  • A Nail Buffer that was originally £3 was reduced to £1!!
  • A Terracotta foot stone was also £3 reduced to £1
  • A GORGEOUS smelling Almond shower gel, smells yummy enough to drink!! was £6 reduced to £3! :)
  • and finally a lovely smelling Spa Wisdom Dreams Candle was £11.70 reduced to £5 - oh & I got a little sample sachet of Vitamin E moisture serum!
I usually use metal & electrical nail files etc but I thought the buffer would be good to carry around in my bag for quick fixes & for £1 ..I couldnt go wrong!
The foot stone I thought was a little quirky, I dont use pumice stones or anything like that usually but I just thought Id give it a go!
I have enough Lush products to last a life time so I really didnt need another shower gel to add to the obsessive collection but after I smelt it I couldnt not put it in my basket! It smells amazing!!!
..And last of all the candle, its not a strong scent at all, I cant really work out what the scent is but its clean & fresh, a little like fresh laundry..its nice & Im sure the scent will be more noticeable when its burning!!

Ok thats it for today, I have a few posts coming up over the next few days of things I bought on my little shopping spree. It was a relief to have completed my Project 20 Pan (thats the next post) so I could go shopping and have a good splurge! Havent been to Lush yet but dont worry, I will!! =D

Ok, Have a great weekend everyone!


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