Monday, 11 January 2010

Project 20 Pan COMPLETED!!

YAY!! My project 20 pan is overr!! =D
Geeez, it felt like it lasted forever! I think its only been about 2 - 3 months but I almost killed me not buying anything! It did however save me quite a bit of money which Im glad to say went to good use.. . my families christmas presents & of course a present or 2 for me! ;)
I actually used a few more than 20, I lost 4 empty containers! (god knows where they went?!) so I didnt count those, and then I didnt have time to make a video when I reached 20 products so I carried on, I got to 22 I think!
Here's what I used up..

First picture -
  • deodorant x 2
  • facewipes x 2
  • Cool Water body lotion
  • Benefit Lemonade Primer
  • Mac Lipglass in Cresent
  • No7 extreme length mascara
  • Naturals bath salts
  • Lush's cosmetic Lad moisturiser..... (10)
Second picture -
  • Deodorant x 2
  • B.Spears Fantasy perfume
  • Perfume in Spirit from Next
  • Addiction body spray
  • Batiste Dive dry shampoo
  • C.2000 lipstick..... (7)
Third picture -
  • Sanex deodorant x 2
  • Impulse body spray
  • Boots body spray
  • Pantene shampoo..... (5) ....= 22!
& I just remembered.... My Marc Jacobs Daisy Luminous body lotion is not in the picture (dont know why?) It is included in the Youtube video I did though so Im not telling fibs! the total is 23! =D
I had a huugge splurge at Lush today along with a few others from last week, Next week maybe Im starting P 20 Pan again.....Yes I am mad! haha..but no, it was good to use up stuff that I had gotten fed up with, it made me like them again!
So thats it for now! Good luck to anyone else that is doing this! xx


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